"Steve Dworman has done for direct response television what David Ogilvy’s Confessions of an Advertising Man did for general advertising a generation ago: create the definitive work on an important subject that every professional in the field will find a ‘must read.’ Literate, packed with information and bound to change your view of this important subject—put this on your reading list today."
—Peter Sealey,
Former Chief Marketing Officer of Coca-Cola
and President of Marketing & Distribution for Columbia Pictures

"Dworman’s interviews are a secret weapon for us. We read them for perspective, ideas, and to refresh our team about what’s been done, and what is possible!"
— Greg Renker
Co-CEO of the Guthy-Renker Corporation
"You can learn more from infomercials about selling to the masses than any other medium.This collection of interviews by Steve Dworman is the most definitive, no nonsense mother lode of amazing secrets I’ve come across. I’m candidly shocked that his subjects revealed this inside information. My only caveat in recommending this book is that I hope you read it, instead of your competitors."
— Jay Abraham
Marketing Guru
"As a leader in publishing innovation and creativity, Boardroom’s staff looks in many different places for inspiration. Seeing what’s happening in the infomercial world is a useful insight into consumer behavior, trends and what truly works and what doesn't in consumer marketing...This book is the one place to get the most innovative marketing secrets inexpensively. Don’t hesitate one minute! You need this information!"
— Martin Edelston
President and Founder, Boardroom Inc. (Publishers of Bottom Line/Personal)
"Regardless of what your company does, or what it sells, you need this book. It’s a goldmine of marketing and business knowledge."
— Marianna Morello
President, Manhattan Media
"Over the years, I've been a close reader of the interviews in the Infomercial Marketing Report. I’ve always found them informative and remarkably insightful with inside information not available elsewhere."
— Robert B. Cialdini
Author of Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion and
Regents’ Professor of Psychology, Arizona State University

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