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What we do.

(These are true stories.)

Story #1

Company X, decided to launch their new product line through an infomercial. They selected potential vendors from a direct response monthly magazine. They interviewed, three producers, three media buyers, and three fulfillment centers. All had worked on name brand projects, had lots of data showing how successful they’ve been. Producers showed reels of really lovely pictures, Media buyers showed charts showing successful campaigns, and the fulfillment centers demonstrated how quickly they pack a box.

After several rounds of interviews they chose their team. Months were spent setting up their fulfillment center, manufactured enough product for a test, and used a prominent production company to write the script and produce their $500,000 infomercial.

Everyone was extremely excited the weekend the show tested.

They weren’t on Monday.

The show bombed.

The media buyer tested different media the following weekend.

It still bombed.

They went back to the production company. After looking at the results, they claimed they knew what went wrong and how to fix it.

Company X, already had so much money invested in this project, they decided that they couldn’t quit now.

They gave the production company another $250,000 to reshoot  a new creative approach.

Everyone was very excited the weekend the new version was testing.

Monday morning the media company gave them the unfortunate news that their new show bombed worse then the first version.

Company X is out $1 million dollars and had lots of inventory on their hands, and no idea how they are going to sell it.

Story #2

Company Y, is a very successful company. They make more money per employee than most Fortune 500 companies.

They decided that they wanted to try their products on television in an infomercial as a new, added marketing stream.

Because they previously subscribed to Steve Dworman’s Infomercial Marketing Report, they trusted him and phoned him at, IT REALLY WORKS!

We analyzed their product and their marketing materials and got very excited by the tremendous potential we saw. Not just to shoot one infomercial, but to turn this into a continuing revenue stream for them. We envisioned them in this business for a very long time.

Because of our excitement and belief we could successfully launch this new venture, we partnered with Company Y.

First, we changed the packaging of the product to make it more dynamic for television. We conceived the concept of how best to sell this on TV. We learned a long time ago that you do not necessarily have to spend a great deal of money producing an infomercial. The budget is based on the concept we feel is most effective to sell the product.

We felt that this particular product could be extremely effective shot with a very modest budget.  While in pre-production, we assisted the company in putting their back-end infrastructure in place. We assisted in setting up: telemarketing, fulfillment, credit card processing and media buying.  We even wrote the telemarketing script a customer hears when he calls. By the way, these scripts can mean the difference between a break-even show, and a successful show.

Their total risk was $150,0000.  Why so low? Because everything we do with our partners is done at cost. You’re our partner and partners don’t do that to one another.

The show tested over a weekend in September.

The show was a gigantic success from it’s first weekend!

Within a matter of 6 months Company Y increased their gross income by more than 50%. Within a year they doubled their gross income!

To this date, each and every show we’ve partnered on has been tremendously successful.

We at IT REALLY WORKS, have to believe in each project we take on 100%.

We put our entire heart and soul into everything we do.

If you’ve got a product or service that is new, innovative, and potentially something that will make peoples lives richer or more fulfilling—Please give us a call.

It could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship!


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