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For over 12 years Steve Dworman published the monthly subscription newsletter, The Infomercial Marketing Report. The Report was quoted by 3,000 news sources including: Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, The Economist, The New York Times, CNN, The Washington Post, and The Chicago Tribune to name just a few.

Whether you love them or hate them, infomercials have become an integral part of our television experience. They’ve told us everything we ever wanted to know about slicing, dicing, slimming, and toning. From BluBlocker sunglasses to the Psychic Friends Network, they’ve managed to capture our interest and our dollars for the last twenty years while introducing us to innovative products and some entertaining personalities . . .

This tell-all book of industry secrets from the most successful companies in the industry, companies whose success was based on the fact that they are able to turn phenomenal profits on the products they showcased. The industry individuals interviewed in this book have spent, cumulatively, billions of dollars learning what works and what doesn’t. And even more, they’ve spent years testing the smallest details, details you might not even think make a difference ...but they do. When selling the vast quantities of merchandise involved in DRTV sales every little change can add up to huge fortunes! These hard-learned lessons are applicable to any and all businesses, whether your are an entrepreneur or a Fortune 500 company.

Learn these invaluable DRTV marketing secrets:

The entrepreneurs behind this truly American phenomenon reveal the successes and failures that made direct response television what it is today.

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